About Us

Our Institution

Shri Akhil Bharatiya Kutch Kadva Patidar Samaj is a central organisation of Kutch (Kachchh) Kadva Sanatan Patidar community, established in the year 1938 and later on registered in the year 1950. 


Our Management

The core management committee (called Karobari Committee) body is of 250+ members directly selected from all across India. Representatives of zones are also members of the core committee. Then there are representatives from the affiliated institutions, amongst others.

In order to distribute the work, various committees and sub-committees are formed to look after the allocated work and smooth completion of responsibilities.



Our institution has primarily two wings. The youth wing is commonly called “Yuva Sangh” and the women wing is commonly called “Mahila Sangh”. Both have their own institutional setups where in members come from entire length and breadth of the country, including some from out of India.


Our Network

Our institution is an umbrella institution of 425+ (and counting) local samajs (community organisation at local level) spread across length and breadth of India and outside India. These local samajs are grouped into 25 zones, based on their geographical location. Monitoring and guiding the activities of these local samajs is done through the relevant zone. Further, the zone also has its own programs for the benefit of local samaj members.

It has formed some very strong and prominent sister institutions (affiliated institutions) in order to suitably diversify and distribute the responsibilities associated with some of the objectives of our institution.

Today it runs schools, colleges, hostels, medical hospital, covid-19 care centres, community halls, gaushala (cow shelter homes) and umpteen number of small activities which touch the lives of ordinary members. It has social welfare schemes like education scholarship, medical help, welfare scheme for the poor, support schemes for the people in times of natural calamities etc.

The institution publishes a  monthly news paper called “Sanatan Dharm Patrika” which covers the activity in detail.


Media and Publications

Further, daily activities are covered by softcopy (PDF ) version of Daily Sanatan Dharm Patrika, by which the members of the community are kept abreast about the activities on daily basis.

A late night one minute video clip is also release every day, keeping in mind the benefit of audio visual medium.

In addition to above, the institution publishes material at regular intervals too, that guide the community members in the right direction.


Our Story

Our institution was setup by the people from Kutch / Kachchh Kadva Patidar  (KKP) community who were ex-Satpanthis. After leaving Satpanth religion they joined the religion of their ancestors, i.e., Sanatan Religion commonly called as Hindu Religion. Under the able guidance of Sant Odhavramji Maharaj, they newly established Kutch / Kachchh Kadva Patidar Sanatan community. Naturally they wanted an institutional setup to protect interest and ensure the benefits reach the common man in their community. 


Their first institution was Kutch / Kachchh Kadva Patidar Sanatani Samaj (શ્રી કચ્છ કડવા પાટીદાર સનાતની સમાજ), which was later renamed to “Shri Kutch Kadva Patidar Samaj” and again renamed to “Shri Akhil Bharatiya Kutch Kadva Patidar Samaj”.  The institution worked miraculously wonders which ensured that not only the institution, but the community prospered at very rapid  brisk pace. 

Its growth can be verified from the positive changes in the following index post its formation.

  1. Religious and Spiritual Development
  2. Education
  3. Social Security
  4. Economic Prosperity 

Its a matter of great pride and satisfaction that today the KKP Sanatani community, as its commonly called, is one of the most fastest prospering community in India.